About AmUsing Clay - Maker of Stuff

Hi. I'm a maker of stuff, currently based in Foster, South Gippsland

As a child I loved to draw, cut & paste and make a diorama in a shoe box. My first claim to fame was making it into the local newspaper, with the terracotta turtle I made, in a school holiday program.

As a high school student, I failed art, but that didn't stop me.

As a mature age student, I studied ceramics which is one of the smartest things I ever did. In the beginning, I made stuff to decorate... really I should have done a painting course. But over the years, I have moved more towards sculpturall work and simplifying my decorating.

In 2018 I returned to study and got back into my drawing, cutting and pasting, which I'm hoping to do more of in the future.  Watch this space.

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